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August 14, 2017 Meeting Minutes


Brighton Shares The Harvest

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

August 14, 2017


The Brighton Shares The Harvest Board meeting was held on August 14, 2017 at 11:30, in the conference room at Anythink Brighton Library. Present were Board Members Lucy O’Neill, Jordan Shute, Dave Thomas, Sara Wells and Executive Director Linda Young.  Board members Bill Alsdorf and Heidi Storz were excused. Also present was guest Margie Leitner.


Dave moved to approve the May 8, 2017 Board meeting minutes. It was seconded and approved.


Sara moved to accept the second quarter financial reorts. It was seconded and approved.


Linda suggested that we add Board member profiles to our website. All in attendance agreed that it would add to our transparency and agreed to send short profiles to Linda. We decided that photographs would be optional. Linda suggested that while we want to appear professional, we have a somewhat light-hearted tone to our newsletters and Facebook page, so we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously in our profiles.


Sara informed us that she had gone to Valley Bank and Trust, Bromley Branch, to sign the new signature card that will replace the one on file, as she has replaced Jesse Staley as our Board Chair. Unfortunately, she was later informed that the bank accidentally destroyed the wrong signature card and that she needs to go in and sign again. When that is done, Linda will coordinate with Dave for a time for them to both go in and sign.


We discussed ways to increase our fundraising through the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards program (aka King Soopers Gift Cards). Jordan suggested including a message in the emails about how we spent money from our donors, including card reloaders, reminding them to continue reloading their cards, and how other donors can purchase a card. Margie suggested posted something on the Next Door website when the new King Soopers goes in at 136th & Quebec, and that she knows of a group that might be interested in helping us out. Linda said she was also planning to send some out to friends, pre-loaded with $2.50, and inviting them to reload the card or at least use the $2.50 to buy a nice tomato or something. She’ll share the letter in case others want to try it. We have 37 cards on hand pre-loaded with $2.50.


We discussed the logistics of our seedling distribution during spring/summer of 2017 and decided to try something new. Sara made a motion to purchase 100 vegetable seedlings through Lulu’s for us to give out at Summerfest, and invite them to provide some marketing information for us to hand out with the plants. It was seconded and approved. This would be our total seedling distribution to individuals for 2018.


Linda will contact Lulu’s to confirm they want to do this for us. If they do, Linda will contact Chris Campbell to inform her that we won’t be buying seedlings from her next year.


We will also pay Sara $2.00 each for fifty tomato seedlings to be given to Bill Alsdorf for the Bloomin’ Buckets program through Eagle View Adult Center. Sara and Bill will coordinate all of the logistics for these seedlings.


Our next quarterly Board meeting will our annual meeting. The date and time has not yet been determined.


If we continue with our current schedule of meeting on the second Monday of the second month of the quarter, our 2018 meetings will be as follows:


Mondays at 11:30:


February 12

May 14

August 13

November 12 (might be a Holiday for Veteran’s Day, which falls on Sunday)



Respectfully submitted,


Linda Young, Executive Director

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