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We’re selling tickets to The Brighton Chamber’s 18th Annual “Great Duck Race & Hoodang”

The Brighton Chamber’s 18th Annual “Great Duck Race & Hoodang” will take place on June 13 (event details below), but even more exciting: I have tickets available to sell NOW!!

This is a great annual fundraiser for Brighton Shares The Harvest. We make at least $1 for every ticket that we sell, and you have a chance to win $1,000, if you hold the ticket number that matches the number on the rubber ducky that crosses the finish line first! There are numerous other prizes as well, including a new “Big Money Duck Prize” of $50,000! The odds of winning that one aren’t great, but they’re a lot better if you buy a ticket (or several) than if you don’t! You do not need to be present to win any of the prizes.

Attached is an enlarged copy of one of the tickets, front and back, listing more details about the prizes, participation rules, and this year’s sponsors. Here are the ticket and meal prices:

$5 for one ticket (“The Duckling”)
$20 for five tickets (“The Quack Pack”)
$50 for thirteen tickets (“The Flock”)
$10 per “Cowboy Meal”. If you want to buy four meals or more, consider the Family Fun Pack.
$50 “Family Fun Pack”, which includes a Quack Pack of tickets, plus four meals. For additional family members, one or two additional meals would be free; more than six meals would be $5 each.

Click here for a copy of the ticket Duck Race Ticket 2015

Please let me know if we can count on your support this year and how many tickets and meals you would like to purchase. I will arrange to get them to you to exchange tickets for cash or a check (made out to the Brighton Chamber of Commerce) at your convenience, and we will be very grateful for your support.

EVENT DETAILS: Saturday night, June 13, at 6:30 PM at Brighton Oasis Aquatic Park. Meals should be pre-purchased (see pricing information above) to ensure enough food will be available. Meals include a hot BBQ dinner, plus a drink and dessert. Family swimming will be available before and after the duck races.



Linda Young, Executive Director and self-appointed Deputy Duck
Brighton Shares The Harvest

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